Tending Lilith's Fire

In Lilith’s name, we reclaim women’s: power, sovereignty, lifeblood, rage, voice, vulnerability, eroticism, strength, healing, craft, consciousness, place, space, wisdom, knowing, intuition, inspiration, vision, joy, pleasure, leadership, sexuality, body, lineage, priestesshood, magic, womb, herstory, mysteries, mysticism, healing arts, medicine and all aspects, named and unnamed, of the Sacred Feminine. Hosted by Kohenet Annie Matan and Kohenet D’vorah Grenn, of The Lilith Institute.

May we all know pleasureWatch now (37 min) | Tending Lilith's Fire Episode 28 with Sex Coach Dominique Peters
Love ThyselfJetzt ansehen (35 min) | Tending Lilith's Fire Episode 27: Self-Love and the Erotic