Love Thyself

Tending Lilith's Fire Episode 27: Self-Love and the Erotic



Welcome to the new Section of The Priestess is IN called Tending Lilith’s Fire. D’vorah and I have decided to depart from YouTube and bring our podcast straight to our people. From now on, you can access Tending Lilith’s Fire episodes in your inbox and on Substack, along with my other musings and offerings. If these conversations are not your cup of tea, feel free to unsubscribe at any time. To catch up on the over 40 conversations we’ve had, inspired by Lilith over the past 2 years, you can check out our archive on our YouTube channel. My aim is to import all those episodes here before too long but why wait?

This latest episode, recorded just last Friday, is on self-love and the erotic. In it, you’ll hear from Audre Lorde and from D’vorah and me as we weave a tender and empowered conversation, inspired by my recent launch of the Sex Goddess Red Tent, a monthly online Sacred Space offering for women to talk about sex, love, and our intimate relationships with our bodies, our partners and ourselves. You can find out more about it here.

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Next week, D’vorah and I will be joined by a special guest - Sex Coach Dominique Peters to continue our sexy series. We’re picking up again with self-love and I can’t wait to see where our conversation will take us!