Feb 28 • 5M

Grief and Hope - a How to Guide

Channelled message from Feb 25, 2022

Annie Matan
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Painting of crying woman/weeping willow tree. Green and brown tree on black background with silver tears.
Mourning Woman painting by Kohenet Annie Matan ©2007

I’m here, Mama.

What do you want of/from me?

Grief. Tears. Allowing.

Feel your feelings.

Joy comes with, after, before, around


“Those who sow in tears will reap in joy.” (psalms 126:5)

Tears aren’t always wrought from personal pain.

It doesn’t have to be your own hurt.

Allow empathy.

Soften your heart to the pain of others.

Move for them.

Grieve for and as a member of the collective.

When others are hurting

and have to survive without room for fear or grief,

the collective can feel for and with them.

You were told “it’s not your pain. How dare you feel it or express it.”

But that’s a lie.

It’s all OUR pain.

When we run from it,

hide from it,

distance ourselves from it,

it grows

and it will find us all.


when we own it,

feel it,

allow it,

seek to be with it,

heal it,

it heals in, with, through, for us all.

So feel your feelings

with full permission


Today, it may be grief, outrage, rage, pain, despair, hopelessness, fear


it may be joy, triumph, relief, gratitude, solace, hope

It’s all welcome. All needed.

We cannot have some without all.

Do not be afraid to feel.

Let there be no guilt or shame

in empathy

in loss

in celebration.

Feeling it all

holds balance for all

gives permission for all

makes space for all.

We are Divine.

Nothing is denied to us.

To live in a body

is to hold a paradox

is every living moment

life and death are equally real

equally magical

the how is a matter of free will

in kindness or cruelty

presence or numbness


be with what is

what is will shift

and become what was

the ebb and flow is constant

when you feel stuck/trapped/resistant

return to what is

and allow with to be with and through you


I promise, in its fullness

shift comes.

None of it lasts forever.

That is a gift.

There is hope in there.

There is truth.

There is always this moment

and then the next.

Even if you stop, the next moment will come.

Allow it.

Breath by breath.

Allow it all.

You want to hold back

to avoid moving towards fear

believing what comes is unbearable.

But you’ve borne every moment so far

and you/we will bear them all

each in our right time.

Beat them

witness them

embody them

be transformed in and by them.

and still more come.

So breathe, allow, feel it all.