Oct 25, 2022 • 22M

Entering the Season of Stillness and Darkness

A Scorpio Season/MarCheshvan offering

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Kohenet Annie Matan
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2020 Samhain leaf art
Happy new moon in Scorpio and Rosh Hodesh Mar Cheshvan! Yes, that’s right, I said “happy.” Even though many astrologers at this time are focusing on darkness and intensity, I see something a little different - a season of exhale, letting go, and stillness and an invitation into comfort and beauty through it all. This podcast episode is an offering from an earth-based perspective to soothe this seasonal shift for us all.
Please let me know how this lands for you. Do you like it? What does this turning feel like for you? What am I missing?
People whose work I mentioned:

Judith Manriquez

Jessa Walters

D’vorah Grenn

Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute

Some favourite card spreads to help get through this season:

Eht/Aht: Vessel, Offering, Ally from the Eht/Aht Netivot Wisdom Oracle deck by Kohenet Ketzirah Lesser of Devotaj Sacred Arts. (I use this with any deck (not just the Netivot Oracle). If a Tarot deck, I use Major Arcana and/or “face cards” from the Minor Arcana.)

@emeraldlotusmystic (on Instagram) New Moon in Scorpio:

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