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On Lilith: A Feminist (Re)Telling

Tending Lilith's Fire Episode 29

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I got some feedback that these Tending Lilith’s Fire Episodes are easier to access via podcast than video so I am switching formats for this one to see how that goes. If you love watching us on screen, sign up for the Lilith Institute App, where you can watch our episodes and check out the archive of our (47!) past episodes on YouTube here.

This episode was an exploration of Lilith’s story and character. Who was she? Who were the others in her story (Eve, Adam, the other “demons”)? Who decides how her story is told? How do we want to tell it?

As in every conversation with Kohenet Devorah Grenn of the Lilith Institute, there was so much richness and lots of resources. (See below.)

Inspired, activated, or annoyed by this episode? We would love to hear from you!

Here are some questions to ponder and respond to, if you like:

  • Who Lilith is to you?

  • How are you like Lilith/Eve?

  • What parts of her story do you most resonate with?

  • Which parts do you want to distance yourself from?

  • Were there any surprises?

  • What did you love?

  • What made you uncomfortable?

  • What do you know that we completely missed?

Feel free to comment or reply and let me know if you would like your remarks referenced or responded to in a future episode.

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Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider

Lilith's Fire: Reclaiming our Sacred Life Force by Deborah Grenn-Scott

My Name is Lilith from Girl God Books

Lilian Broca, artist, Lilith Series

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb

Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

Feminist Enterprise Commons

Stay tuned…

“Queen” - boudoir shot of me in my black bra and panties, leaning regally on a green couch by Annie Caplan Photography. Lilith inspired me to share this photo.

Since a fabulous Intuitive Energy Healing I experienced last year, with Anayza, I have had the phrase, “Welcome Queen, to your circle of Queens” ringing in my ears and integrating through my being. It’s inspired lots of learning and new understanding for me about the meaning of sovereignty. It’s been coming through in Red Tents and one-on-one Spiritual Guidance sessions as well as in my relationships.

I am so excited to share that I will be a guest on The Elizabeth Cunningham Show: Courageously Expanding Love! We are recording our episode about sovereignty in our relationships with ourselves, our partners, and communities on June 8 and it is likely to air on June 21. (Happy Solstice!)

About Me:

It’s been a while since I introduced myself and caught you all up on what I do. Here is a recently updated version of my bio:

Kohenet Annie Matan is an ordained Hebrew Priestess, with a thriving business that offers Spiritual Guidance, Super-Power Mentorship, and Facilitation of Life-cycle rituals and Sacred Spaces.

A Jewish, Queer, Polyam, single Mama, Annie is passionate about supporting people of all genders to feel seen, heard, and held as their whole selves in all spaces in their lives. 

Her customized weddings, baby welcomings, funerals and other life cycle transition rituals honour the realities of Interfaith, Queer and Polyam folks by weaving together their families’ and ancestral traditions with their authentic, contemporary values.

 In her recently launched Sex Goddess Spiritual Guidance and online Sex Goddess Red Tent circles, Annie offers coaching on Sex and our intimate relationships with our bodies, ourselves and our partners. You can follow her Sex Goddess inspirations and musings on Instagram.

If you like this offering, please help me spread the word!

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