Apr 19

Let's Talk About Sex, baby!

Sex Goddess Red Tent begins this week

Annie Matan
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Listen to some chants and a bit about this new Sacred Space offering!

You are invited to the Sex Goddess Red Tent:

Meets monthly online, Thursdays near the full moon, beginning April 21, 2022.

It’s a sacred, shame and judgement-free space to ask questions and share about our intimate relationships with ourselves, our partners and our bodies. Facilitated by me. A Queer, poly, formerly-married, single mama Priestess 💃🏻 and Spiritual Guide.

Spiritual Guidance, trauma-informed, highlighting systemic conditioning and oppression, celebrating our sexy, powerful, vibrant selves!

For women who want to say all “THOSE” things out loud, be held in the hard and revel in the pleasures.

Message me with questions! I hope to see you in the Red Tent!

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