Mar 10, 2021 • 4M

Beshem Hashem | Angel Protection Spell

A Chant Offering

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Kohenet Annie Matan
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This past week has been a doozy, energetically. I have felt heavy and tired, even when I am resting and I am hearing from other intuitives and colleagues and clients that many are feeling the same. Have you been feeling it too?

There is good news. We are in the midst of a shift. In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re shifting from the stillness of winter to the birthing and opening of Spring. I believe this progression is part of what’s making us feel tired. We’re in the transition phase. It’s the part of birthing when we feel like we’ll never make it and we want to turn back. It means we’re almost there. Really. I promise.

And another piece of good news is that we can create a cocoon of support for ourselves, even when we feel the grief of distance from others who can offer that support with hugs and hands.

Just last week, in two separate client sessions, this Jewish Angel Song, Beshem Hashem reappeared in my repertoire and consciousness.

The Hebrew words are from a Jewish bedtime ritual and invoke a circle of archangels and Divine attributes surrounding us when we say or sing the words. It’s an amulet. A shield. A bubble of protection we can call forth and carry with us and it’s been in the Jewish tradition for a long time. I first learned it in 2009, with the iconic Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach melody. But a couple of years ago, learning that Reb Carlebach was a sexual predator made me stop singing it. I didn’t want to invoke his legacy so the words left me altogether.

And then, in November 2019, I invited the words to come back. Through me, with a new melody. I reclaimed this Angel blessing and all its power for me and all of us. And this week, inspired by my clients, for the magic we need right now, I created a new recording. It’s sung with all the words - my Kabbalistic translation, the literal translation and the original Hebrew, with a Floxy Blu (my old stage name) soulful melody. And I created some new art a couple of days ago to pair a visual representation of the elemental blessings, an amulet in itself, with my vocal offering of the chant.

So if you would like to hear some new-ish Jewish music, learn a protection spell or some kabbalah, check out this video on my YouTube channel by clicking the video below.

And if you just want to listen, you can open the sound recording in this email/Substack entry on your favourite podcast app. I invite you to carry these angels with you. The melody is designed to be a foundation. Feel free to make it your own. Riff and adapt until it feels like you.

May we all feel surrounded by blessings and grace as we evolve and grow and birth ourselves into the new season.



Here are the words:

Oh holy name of Goddess
Of the one who wrestles with you
Every move I make, it feels like you
When I'm stuck, your strength pulls me through
When I look ahead you light my way
While you heal the wounds from my past
and every time I begin again, I feel you close at last.

In the name of God, the God of Yisrael
on my right is Michael
on my left is Gabriel
in front of me is Uriel
Behind me Rafael
and up above, oh up above Shechinat El

Beshem Hashem elohei yisrael
Miyemini Michael
Umismoli Gavriel
Umilfanai Uriel
Meachorai Rafael
Ve al roshi, ve al roshi Shechinat El

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