Apr 23, 2021 • 35M


Tending Lilith's Fire Episode 5

Annie Matan
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I know it’s been a minute since I have posted or shared with you here. I have been feeling so tired lately. How about you?

Kohenet D’vorah Grenn and I had our weekly meeting and decided to offer a discussion on the necessity of rest for our Tending Lilith’s Fire show because we both need it. The rest that is. And the reminders.

Our conversation meandered through all the reasons we need rest: politics, health, self-care, personal resourcing, community resourcing, nervous system disregulation and just because it's how we all thrive. We are in Taurus season, when the invitation is to nap like it’s your job and take beautiful care of your body and soul. If the need for rest is speaking to you now, too, please share in the comments how you take care of yourself. We can all inspire each other as wave by wave, we get resourced and then lift each other up.

Here are the resources we mentioned in the conversation:

  • (We forgot to mention this one on the show but it's so important! Rest is resistance!) https://thenapministry.wordpress.com/Passion Planner for reminding yourself to rest:

  • https://passionplanner.com

  • This heartbreaking and important video, How Many Times by Trey Songz, remembering many of the Black people who have been murdered by police. (Content warning: racist violence): https://www.facebook.com/100001490458037/videos/3456390804420567/

  • Tema Smith's article in The Forward on the Derek Chauvin verdict: https://forward.com/opinion/468111/derek-chauvin-guilty-verdict-isnt-justice-but-a-start/

  • Annie mentioned the chapter about Shabbat and the invitation to have that day be the day we can be most ourselves: https://www.bookdepository.com/Jewish-with-Feeling-Rabbi-Zalman-Schachter-Shalomi/9781580236911

  • Secrets of the Seventh Day: How Everyone Can Find Renewal through the Wisdom and Practices of the Sabbath: https://saraschley.com/saras-books/

You can find more about D’vorah’s work at http://www.lilithinstitute.com/lilithwp/ and more from me at https://linktr.ee/anniematan and www.anniematan.com/

May we all feel free to rest as we need and find our way back to ourselves again and again.