Feb 28, 2021 • 18M

Welcome to Tending Lilith's Fire

Annie Matan
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In Lilith’s name, we reclaim women’s: power, sovereignty, lifeblood, rage, voice, eroticism, strength, healing, craft, consciousness, place, space, wisdom, knowing, intuition, inspiration, vision, joy, pleasure, leadership, sexuality, body, lineage, priestesshood, magic, womb, herstory, mysteries, mysticism, healing arts, medicine and all aspects, named and unnamed, of the Sacred Feminine.

This is the inaugural episode of Tending Lilith's Fire with Kohenet Annie Matan and Kohenet D'vorah Grenn of The Lilith Institute!

You can listen to the audio file on your favourite podcast app or click to watch the youtube video on our new channel. In this episode, we tell you how we met, what we're doing here and a little about our work in the world.

Please comment to let us know what you want to hear us talk about in the conversations ahead and let us know you're with us by liking the video, subscribing to find out when we have more for you and sharing with those you think would be interested.

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